The world’s only “high definition” window films.
High–level comfort, crystal clear views.

Madico Advanced Ceramic window films provide all the benefits of traditional window films without changing the way your home looks — only how it feels. This innovation allows the natural light into your home while blocking out uncomfortable heat, damaging UV rays, and distracting glare, leaving you with nothing but a perfectly clear, totally natural view.

Advanced Ceramic window films were designed to bring you the highest possible visual acuity, with minimal reflectance. The result is the clearest window film available today, which also provides 99 percent UV protection and high infrared rejection. Now you can truly have the best of the outside while maintaining the perfect inside. Madico’s Advanced Ceramic window films minimize hot spots and glare, increasing comfort without impairing the beauty of your windows or your view.

The amazing new technology of Madico Advanced Ceramic is combined with all the benefits you expect from traditional window films:

   * 99% UV protection – reducing the fading of your         furniture and artwork, while protecting you from harmful rays
   * Superior infrared rejection
   * Natural tones and very low reflectivity
   * Enhanced shatter resistance for safety
   * Improved energy savings – Our films help reflect the summer’s heat, and retain interior warmth in the winter
   * Glare reduction
   * Durable, scratch-resistant coating

While all the talk today revolves around your crystal clear television screen, isn’t it nice to know you can have the real world in high definition too?

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