the art of etched glass for a fraction of the cost

The distinctiveness of etched glass has been
used to enhance interior settings for centuries.
But beauty comes with a price – etched glass
can cost up to $125 per square foot and may
not be practical for most applications.

There is a solution – decolite from Madico. At
a surprisingly affordable cost, these decorative
window films retrofit existing glass to appear
etched. A wide array of classic and elegant
patterns is offered to compliment any décor
from boardrooms to ballrooms.

Best of all, decolite comes to you from a
company you can trust – Madico. For decades,
Madico film has graced countless windows of
distinction worldwide, including those of the
Metropolitan Museum of Art, Le Louvre, the
Smithsonian, and the Christian Dior Boutique.

Why decolite is always appropriate
for any setting:

• Adds privacy. Allows for plenty of light while
offering private surroundings. Perfect for
office partitions, bathrooms, sun porches,
front doors, conference rooms, banks, restaurants,
and health clubs. Decolite works with light to create privacy and lend distinctiveness to any setting.
These are but a few of the patterns available.

• Enhances design. Adds panache to compliment
furnishings, wall treatments, and the overall
aesthetics of any design.

• Increases safety. Helps hold glass together to
lessen the likelihood of flying shards during
natural and man-made disasters. Protects
against “smash-and-grab” thefts. Also improves
visibility of sliding glass doors.

• Rejects ultraviolet radiation. Screens up to 98%
of damaging ultraviolet rays, thereby decreasing
interior fading.

• Cuts glare. Softens harsh sunlight and reduces
annoying glare.

• Scratch resistant. Acts as a scratch-resistant
barrier for the glass it embellishes.

• Easy maintenance.Cleans with soap and water
as well as with common commercial cleaners.

• Inspired patterns, always in vogue. A full palette
of patterns is offered to match your preferences
and applications. As styles change, decolite
changes with them at a significantly lower cost
than if you had to replace etched glass.
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