Why Window Film?

Window Film can keep out as much as 77% of the summers heat out!

HOW?  It reflects and absorbs heat from the sun.
Quick Pick- SRS-220

Window Film helps control glare!

HOW? Window Films can reflect and/or absorb  some visible light.
Quick Pick- SB-221

Window Film helps reduce fading of carpets, drapes and furnishings!

HOW? Screens out UV, Heat and Visible light.
Three mose prevalent reasons things fade.
Quick Pick- TSG-550

Window Film can keep up to 20% of the heat in during the winter months!

HOW? Reflects radiant heat back into the room  because of the metal deposition on the film.
Quick Pick- TSG-335

Window Films make glass more Shatter Resistant!

HOW? 'Protekt' films meet the federal safety glass  standard ANSI Z97.1 for impact criteria.
Quick Pick- CL-700-XSR
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